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The "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" Exhibition

Art4U gallery offers visitors a new, exciting exhibition every 1-2 months.

The current exhibition, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” showcases the artwork of three, talented local artists James Bland, Karolina Szczebak-Jones and Halley Sellmeyer. You can come see this unique display any time until the end of the year. All three painters have very unique and interesting styles, that will suit any visitor or buyer. The theme of this display does not limit the stylistic creativity of the artists.

James employs a “Primitive” style in the creation of his paintings. Impressive images of

ancient people and animals attract your attention and immerse you in a world that is many thousands years old. As you know cave paintings were a form of communication of prehistoric people. These beautiful paintings on wood allow you to explore a completely different world as you use your imagination and explore their themes.

Karolina brings you to the present and immerses you in city life. The beautiful landscapes and landmarks as well as vibrant lights and colors bring you to many of America’s fascinating cities. This engaging artwork brings beautiful places right to you!

Halley focuses on the future and challenges you to reach for the stars. Her innovative style brings the gorgeous night sky to the canvas in her vivid creations. Take a walk through the milky way, explore the universe and bring a touch of the vastness of space right into your home.

At Art4U we invite you to stroll through history with stunning prehistoric, vibrant modern day and beautiful futuristic paintings. And just in time for Christmas bring one of these amazing pieces home to someone you love!

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