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Petrykivka Painting

Petrykivka painting, otherwise known as simply Petrykivka is a traditional folk painting style from Urkaine. It originated in the village of Petrikivka, Ukraine, where traditionally it was used for decorating whitewashed house walls, household belongings and musical instruments.

The earliest known examples of Petrykivka date back to the 17th century and even today it continues to thrive!

The village of Petrykivka, from which this artform originates, was founded 230 years ago. It was common in this village for the huts to have walls painted with colorful, vibrant, floral patterns. The paints and painting tools were traditionally made from natural materials. The paints themselves were made from herbs, leaves, berries, flowers, egg yolk and milk. While the brushes have been made from tree shoots, marsh grasses and even cat hair. Though the art-form started in this Ukrainian village, today it can be found all throughout Ukraine, and the world!

Though traditionally the paintings were created on white backgrounds with bright, vibrant colors, today artists are using backgrounds of many different colors such as black, blue, green or even red, but the colors of the painting are still bright and vibrant.

You can find many pieces painted in this style including jewelry boxes, decorative eggs, cutting boards, spoons, and many others. At Art4U we carry a large variety of Petrykivka souvenirs. If you’re in need of a creative, unique gift or a stunning piece of beautiful art, we’d love to see you stop by and pick out your very own piece of Petrykivka and enjoy a piece of traditional Ukrainian art.

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